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what Ext JS Grid is used for?

Many people ask what Ext JS Grid is used for? This is used for establishing Rich Online Software programs.

This will be able to end up being utilized with regard to development connected with the capableness of Ext JS, Graph, Data, Tab-Panel section, System Operators as well as Tool bars/ Selections.

In this case anyone can easily infer the actual methods in order to develop basic EXT-JS grid
Method 1: Configuring for Ext-JS is necessary at the initial process. One can easily stream the particular existing launch connected with Ext through this internet site involving Ext-JS grid.
Method 2: for getting the best results, one should mainly operate Ext JS and also own Http hosting server of any Php host. We're trying to construct an easy Ext JS Power grid, as power grid could be the most well known widget becoming merged in numerous web purposes making use of this software.

What is EB2 Priority Date?

What is EB2 Priority Date? This is a question which is asked by many. The EB2 Priority date which is reflected on the labor certification which has been filed is taken as the corresponding priority date for the individual. The cut off dates for every month for different types of visas for contrastive countries are published as a visa bulletin by the United states Department of State.

Any individual applying say for an EB2 visa and having filed the labor document on a specific day will have to check the latest visa bulletin for further information regarding his visa status. If the individuals priority date is well within the cut off date for that specific visa , in this case the EB2 Priority date is specified for that country, then the applicant can file the application ‘ Adjustment of Status’ which will enable the individual to obtain the Green card.

The cut off date for a specified country for the EB2 visa can show either current or a specific date. When it shows current it means that all priority dates are available till date and will be approved. If however a specific date is mentioned, then this means that any priority date which is within the specific date will get approval for labor certification. Sometimes when the number far exceeds the visa quota which is the same irrespective of the population of a country then the cut off date can be rolled back to a previous date. Nationals from thickly populated countries such as India and China have to wait sometimes for long years to get their EB2 though in the case of countries with small populations it may just take a few months.

java scripting

It is an open source application for java scripting. In an Extjs tutorial all will find out the featuresof ExtJs.The scripting use in developing this application is DOM, Ajax, and DHTML.

Thus ExtJs tutorial is divided in two categories. One is a GUI power for web applications which covers the radio,data,extjs,checks,text controls in it. These command can be communicates with web server application if we use Ajax scripting.

The second feature of  ExtJs tutorial covers the following features like state management,input validation prompt and modal dialog box. Others feature like data managing, storage and made classes in the format of XML and Jason.

Struts2 JQuery or Dojo

Struts2 JQuery or Dojo, not a hard choice

As the Apache Struts has lowered the Dojo plugin from Struts 2.1  many of the developers have made their mind for switching everything to jQuery. While doing so, they particularly notices the variation in sizes (170kb vs 19kb above). One may experience some troubles with the IE browser with handling dojo scripts.  

Some times this happens with jQuery too (when you works for a longer period of time, sometimes the script stops running)?

The biggest problem one faces is that the tree tag does not exist in jquery. In such a case, it is advisable to maintain the old dojo tags for that part which has already created a lot of conflicts between dojo and jquery.

Changing ALL tags at once to jquery in order to avoid strange behavior is recommended here.

Many developers recommend jQuery. They say that they found Dojo a bit meddling and switched to jQuery with which it becomes a lot more easier as it only uses the standard HTML markup instead of adding it's own tags like Dojo does. Also you can find out a ton more documentation for jQuery then Dojo.

On eZdia, you can seek live advices from Experts on Struts2 jQuery. Numerous articles have been posted on Struts 2 Framework, you can also find complete code for jQuery Plugin.


The hyundai santa fe 2011

The hyundai santa fe 2011 , not get a complete redesign from the 2010 `fluidic sculpture’. The only variation will include just some visible refresh on its sketch. The new cover will have a couple of ridges running from the grilles to the A-pillars.  There will also be sculpted bars fitted on the grillesomewhat similar to the Sonata.  The  look of the car  makes the car seem like the Tucson.
Nonetheless, the new changes of the car are under the car cover. The characteristics have potential to aid the car in victorious in the CAFÉ race. Both 2.7 and 3.3 litter V6 engines have been out of print to give way to a couple of engines that will allow higher performance and efficiency. The base equipment still remains at 175 Horsepower. The new Tucson also have 2.4 liter lambda V6. The secondary is a revamped L Lambda 3.5 V6 featuring 276 HP. These engines also have 248 ft of torque. Both of these new engines are fitted with a 6- speed transmission. However, only 4 of the transmissions have manual controllability.
These engines in accumulation with the `fluidic sculpture’ design of the car will all ensure that you have the best kind of car for 2011. The vehicles are providing good performance for different tasks.

Green Card processing method

EB3 India refers to a Green Card processing method for the people who have Indian nationality and asking, due to several reasons, to migrate to US. The Green Card already reflects a tough step in the immigration procedure for any person who likes to migrate to US. The whole hassle associated to these process force various individuals to delay for years to get the approval for their US residency.  
For example, in June 2007, EB2 and EB3 India and China employment application requests have dramatically increased for these countries. The EB3 India for Indian applicants was forwarded by 25 months so that it still has a vast impact on the Jobs which necessitate Bachelor's Degrees.
For those who are trying to be on the job based on the Green Card process, the job requirement and the birth country are the most decisive element in determining the immigration process time period.  who come from other countries than India and China applying for a job that requires a Master’s Degree can easily complete the immigration process in approximate four months. However, those people belonging to EB2 and EB 3 India and China categories who are looking for the same jobs should make up their mind to wait for years in order to get the official response which does not guarantee the acceptance of application.

The Green Card priority date

The Green Card priority date actually highlights a US immigration concept that is normally used in all immigration regulations. The Green Card is mostly obtained based on family reunions or business petitions. Although everything sounds easy, the activity is actually very long and challenging. Any established worker who wants to get a line of work in the US is going to consider a temporary form of visa that is given based on a bound written agreement with a localised employer.

The first step of green card priority date that has to be accomplished by the individual who demand to work in the US is to get a labor certificate which proves that the individual is qualified to work on the US territory. As well, the company supplying the form should show that it is not able to find an American citizen to fill the open position.

However, the procedure implied by the Green Card priority date has suffered a few changes over the years and today we are able to find out a complex concept which provides the more reliable foreign workers for US companies. It is true that the process is quite unjust for the abroad citizens but it definitely helps the US economy, which is the prime goal of the Green Card priority date concept.